Quality Control

We ensure quality via a step-by-step process. Our In-Process Quality Inspection System maintains control along each phase of the manufacturing process, eliminating the need for costly, time consuming inspections at the end.
  • Our first checkpoint is in our weaving loom, where skilled technicians who operate our highly sophisticated equipment eliminate virtually any possibility of error.
  • We perform quality checks as the labels pass through our finishing equipment.
  • Then we inspect all the labels that are placed in rolls to be cut and folded.
  • Finally, our supervisors inspect once again during the cut-and-fold process,checking for accuracy in size, design, color, finish and packaging.
We offer latest in technologies for creating Woven labels and Hangtags. Our production schedule is reviewed on a daily basis. Sampling is handled on seperate looms and do not affect regular production schedule.
With Atam at your service, you never have to worry about inconsistencies in labels, dyes, inks, laser cuts, embossing, design specs or any of the other special products and processes we offer. Our technicians and sales representatives are highly knowledgeable as to Atam's capabilities, products and services.