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Bespoke Solutions(Custom Labels):-

If you have just started a new garment business or own a boutique and having trouble in getting small quantities of labels and other accessories, we have most cost effective solution for you. We call it "BRANDING FOR LESS"

Your Custom Woven Labels:-

Woven clothing labels give a high-end impression on your product and prominently display your brand name, logo and contact information. Our labels have excellent depth of detail, luxurious to the touch, and pleasing to the eye. Our woven labels will help you turn your project into a work of art from start to finish. Prices start from USD 145 for 500 pcs.

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Woven Labels Gallery

Top 5 Reasons To Order Clothing Custom Labels from Atam :-

  1. No Minimums:-You can order as little as 50 pcs.
  2. Low Prices:- Being Direct Manufacturer you don't have to pay middle man money.
  3. High Quality:- Being authorized suppliers for world's leading brand we guarantee same high quality standards for your labels.
  4. No Shipping Charge :-All our prices are to your door steps.
  5. No Setup Fees:-We provide you free digital scan of your lables before order processing.

Your Custom Designs Hang Tags:-

garment tags
Hang Tags are used to addition with labels to elobarate your branding . Our Hang Tags are made in range of materials, You can add them to your branding concept for as less as USD 245.

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